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#ivebeenschooled #shouldibeoffended #momtweets #tellmehowyoureallyfeel

This is my oldest boy, Jace... Long before social media was even "a thing"...  Really it kinda seems like a lifetime ago to him.  But to me it, it pretty much seems like last week.  Today's post totally called for the social media sharing of this picture.  A couple weeks ago he started his senior year in high school, and in a couple of months he's going to turn 18.  Time marches on and teenagers form strong opinions.  Today the blog is dedicated to Jace and an essay he wrote last night to be presented in his College English class today.  I have yet to decide if I will need to write a response to the "argumentative essay" he will be sharing with his "peeps" today #timewilltell.  So without further explanation here's how Jace views the world.