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I haven't written anything on the blog for a while.
Okay, now that I have stated the obvious, let's talk about the less obvious..  Why? 

I just haven't really been in the mood.  I pure and simple just haven't felt like I had anything worth saying.  But this morning that changed. 

I have been very out of sorts in the past little while, the reasons really are not important to write about.  Plus if I start on that it will defeat the whole purpose of the post..  I got out of bed this morning and had one simple thought.  "Stop focusing on all the stuff that "I" feel and look outside yourself."

When I woke this morning I opened up my Ipad and went straight to KSL and the top story was this  She is my cousin.  She was one of the few cousins I really knew very well on my Dad's side of the family and we are just a year apart in age.  We went to Jr. High and High School …