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A Baptism... Homecoming ...An Engagement and Some Soccer ... Ok lots of Soccer

This is the post that almost wasn't.... I'm doing it for myself.  I never want to forget how I feel right now.   My life is busy... Complicated ... Fun... Crazy.. At times Chaotic... And everything I ever hoped it would be ... And so so much more!!!   The past six weeks have been a whirlwind of emotions  and I'm pretty sure it's impossible for me to put all my feelings into words... But here's just the smallest part of what I feel.

#6 kiddo Lance got baptized ... He is the self proclaimed "Super hero of Joy" and for sure continues to be that in our lives

What a great day with lots of family and food and an amazing 8 year old that smiled ear to ear all day long.

These 7 people and their amazing Daddy bring me so much joy.
Manti high school had homecoming week and my student body president son had an eventful week .. Even creating a county-wide scandal when he made a video for the "pep assembly" filmed at the rival school. The homecoming game was …