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Summer Brunches... what's a schedule?

It's already Mid-July..  How did this happen?  I feel like summer is slipping away...  4 weeks from tomorrow school starts for the kiddo's.  I have kids that are at 5 different levels of schooling.  1 College student, 2 high school, 1 middle school, 2 elementary school guys, and a little guy at home..  It makes having any kind of a scheduled routine somewhat laughable.  Doesn't matter if it's summer break or if school is in..  our schedule has to be pretty flexible..  Sometimes I long for the days.. really not that long ago..  when everyone got up at about the same time, went to bed at the same time....  and especially ATE at the same time!!!  With school sports, jobs, various church activities, and ... well just life,  I really struggle to find family meal time, but it doesn't stop me from trying.. or from basically spending my life in the kitchen to be certain that there is always something for everyone to eat... whether coming or going or even if I can get them …

Here I am... A Blogger

This has been a really long time in coming.. So here I go.  I love reading blogs, I spend way too much of my time reading blogs..  But it's my outlet.  I also love writing, sort of, I think?  Okay, maybe I'm still undecided about that "love writing" part.  Anyway, love it or not it's going to happen.  Part of the hesitation in starting is that I'm not sure what I want my angle to be..  Doesn't every blog need an "angle" ?  There are so many "Mommy bloggers" and I certainly fit into that category!  So maybe I'll just share some of what I love and learn from others and a little of what I love and learn on my own.  You may or may not be wondering how I decided on a name for this blog..  So, as a self proclaimed lover of movies and most things Disney and as the mother of a few little "Cars" loving boys all time favorite movie quote comes from the Disney/Pixar Movie "Cars"..  Probably because like it or not... …