Here I am... A Blogger

This has been a really long time in coming.. So here I go.  I love reading blogs, I spend way too much of my time reading blogs..  But it's my outlet.  I also love writing, sort of, I think?  Okay, maybe I'm still undecided about that "love writing" part.  Anyway, love it or not it's going to happen.  Part of the hesitation in starting is that I'm not sure what I want my angle to be..  Doesn't every blog need an "angle" ?  There are so many "Mommy bloggers" and I certainly fit into that category!  So maybe I'll just share some of what I love and learn from others and a little of what I love and learn on my own.  You may or may not be wondering how I decided on a name for this blog..  So, as a self proclaimed lover of movies and most things Disney and as the mother of a few little "Cars" loving boys all time favorite movie quote comes from the Disney/Pixar Movie "Cars"..  Probably because like it or not... sometimes I feel like Lightning McQueen when he first arrived in Radiator Springs and is trying to get out  "Help me I'm in Hillbilly Hell.....  " If you haven't seen the movie recently (I watch it at least 3 times a week..  thanks to my 2 year old) I highly recommend a re-watch or a watch if you haven't...  There you will find the rest of the quote, and also be reminded that Lightning comes to love his "Hillbilly Hell".. Kinda like me.  Life in a small town in the middle of nowhere was really never what I dreamed of...   However, after 17 years of it...  Most days I feel like I pretty much have everything I every dreamed of and then some..  Thanks to an amazing guy and 7 other "peeps" that I call my own (that's the & Co. part)  Here's a couple pics of what we've been doing recently..  I need to say right up front that I don't have an amazing camera ( ya it's an Iphone 4s.. sometimes an Ipad).  But that's ok "matches the rest of the "blog" "  (also a "Car's" thing).
Like I said... not a great pic, but this is a big part of our summer and we only had one good opportunity this year to grab a photo of the whole gang..  So that's it, my first blog post ever!!  I'm still working on my "angle" Pretty sure it's going to evolve as I get going, but one thing I want to share  with is one of my main sources of inspiration (apart from my Hubby & Kiddo's OF COURSE ) for finally doing this.. my "Cyber Friend" Mel who has an amazing blog that I use EVERY SINGLE DAY... not joking !!
White chipper chocolate chip cookies
 This was last night's family treat, enjoyed after a rousing game of Ticket to Ride.. a new favorite use of a summer afternoon.  So that's it my husband will probably do a happy dance.. or just smile.... because that's more his style.


  1. Helen, my friend!!!! I will read your blog every day!!!! Excited for you to start your blogging adventure! Way to go!

    1. Thanks Shelly!! It is going to be an adventure.. just like every other aspect of my life :-)

  2. I found blogging a year ago and love it, my blog has become my journal - mine is private though but just give me an email and I will send you an invite and then you can view it. It will be fun to read yours.


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