I haven't written anything on the blog for a while.
Okay, now that I have stated the obvious, let's talk about the less obvious..  Why? 

I just haven't really been in the mood.  I pure and simple just haven't felt like I had anything worth saying.  But this morning that changed. 

I have been very out of sorts in the past little while, the reasons really are not important to write about.  Plus if I start on that it will defeat the whole purpose of the post..  I got out of bed this morning and had one simple thought.  "Stop focusing on all the stuff that "I" feel and look outside yourself."

When I woke this morning I opened up my Ipad and went straight to KSL and the top story was this http://www.ksl.com/?sid=33885027&nid=148&fm=most_popular&s_cid=popular-5.  She is my cousin.  She was one of the few cousins I really knew very well on my Dad's side of the family and we are just a year apart in age.  We went to Jr. High and High School together and and her husband and I were in the same grade and went to school together starting in elementary school and all thru High School. 

Nearly 3 years ago when I had a baby almost exactly 1 year younger than her triplets she sent me boxes and boxes of clothes and things and I literally had to buy nothing for my kiddo for the first year and half of his life.  I was so grateful, because at the time there was no way I could have had the things for him that she so generously gave me.  I'm pretty sure I didn't express my appreciation to her nearly enough, and I'm sure she had no idea the struggles I was having and the help it was to me.  I wanted to share her story and hope that I and others can somehow help her with the trials and challenges she is currently facing.  Every story I have seen about her and as I have followed her own  "musings" (Her Facebook page). I have been completely astounded at her attitude.  I'm so glad to know she has such a wonderful support system of friends and family behind her. People can be amazing when they choose unselfishness.

My oldest son has been working on a "huge" project that he is trying to complete and it includes writing 5 (500 word) essays.  My husband and I have been trying to help and encourage him along the way. This morning I was trying to help him come up with an "angle" and summarize everything he has done and put together what it all means to him.  Suddenly it occurred to me that all the things he has done and accomplished have been largely a result of other people mentoring him and giving of their time and resources to help him become his best self.  No one ever really accomplishes anything great alone.  He has been involved in many school, church, and community activities that have helped him gain an understanding of the need to serve, but he hasn't come by this all on his own. Most everything he has done as a young person has come about, at least in part, to the dedicated service of others.  As he has observed and benefited from those he has associated with he too has learned to serve. Bottom line...  PEOPLE NEED OTHER PEOPLE.  It's a hard fast truth and basically the whole point.  We are here to love and serve one another.

A few months ago I learned about an amazing project and undertaking of some people who are trying to make a difference in the world.  They want to "Elevate Media".  I told in a past post about the Movie Nowwhere Safe.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMLJLFfwJV4 (this is the trailer)  This was one of the first endeavors of a company called Gradual Elevate Media who are trying to do just that, Elevate the things we have available to us in the Media.  They are currently in the process of compiling a book, the likes of which I have really never seen.  Along with this they are promoting an on-line, social media movement to encourage people to "turn the camera the other way".  or "Love Thy Neighbor as Thy Selfie".    Here is the link to the blog for #UnselfishStories and explains it perfectly.. please take the time to read this it makes sense for everyone to embrace this..  http://www.unselfishstories.com/love-thy-neighbor-as-thy-selfie/

Today I sent out invitations to the majority of my Facebook friends to like the Unselfish Stories Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/unselfishstories  They also have an Instagram account and a Twitter account @UnselfishStory and they encourage the use of hashtag #UnselfishStories.  I have been sharing quite a few things lately on my social media accounts that are related to this movement. On May 5th the book http://www.amazon.com/Unselfish-Love-Thy-Neighbor-Selfie/dp/057815708X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1426782856&sr=8-1&keywords=unselfis will be released.  This is not a random release date, but is releasing on this day because there is also another book releasing the same day titled "Selfish" This is a book of the "selfies" of just one person.  The Unselfish Stories Book is being released as a direct contradiction to the whole idea of someone releasing an entire book of "selfies".  I personally can't wait to get my hands on this book of stories about people who are changing the world one act of kindness at a time.  I need all the positive and uplifting stuff I can get in the world.

Today I "Woke up" not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, spiritually... I realized that it was time to think about something besides how I am feeling and think a little more about how others are feeling and it became a great day...  a great day to share what I've been needing to share for a while...  A little more of myself ...and a little bit about this #UnselfishStories movement I hope you will consider joining me. #beunselfish #turnthecameratheotherway #lovethyneighborasthyselfie.


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