Identity Crisis

It's been a month.. Ok more than... Since my last blog post.  The blog and I have been having a bit of an identity crisis.  I'm not sure I'm totally over it yet.  But I'm getting closer so I decided to do a quick post.    Six of the seven kiddos are now back to school (at 4 different schools ... Snow College, High School, Middle school,  elementary) It's pretty much a circus !!! Thanks to this Sanity saver and the fact that I had copied and filed a bunch of other recipes I'm enjoying life in the kitchen ... Where I spend a large part of my days... I am feeding 9 people.. Most of which are teens or Tweens and also most of which are boys!!!  Here's a few of the things that have been a hit this past couple of weeks with back to school, drill team, cross country, and soccer practice causing constant bouts of hunger ...
Cowboy dinner Baked Ziti Slow cooker peanut butter hot fudge pudding cake ... I could go on and on about the recipes at this blog how they save me time and money... Check it out!!   Part of the challenge for me with finding a blog identity is that I read so many things I love from other places that its hard to figure out if I have anything original to blog about.  The reason for blogging is to tell about who "Hillbilly Helen" is. What I do to find joy in my world every day is totally appropriate .. Finding joy and living in the moment every day !!!! That is my quest ... that's who i want to be... my identity ...  Find Joy in the journey ... Every day !!! it's all about  The Climb (When Miley/Hannah was a lovable teen).  So I guess I do have something of an identity ... And a blog identity ... It's a blog about what I do every day to enjoy The Climb (the Journey) ... It's about food ... Lots of food ... And family ... And little quirky things about my life that make me .... ME...  And make me glad I'm me ...  Grateful I'm where I am at this very moment in time ...  IT'S THE CLIMB !!
One last thing ... About Joy
Last spring my 2 oldest kids did something incredibly fun and it was an opportunity of a lifetime for them, recently a video was made about it and I got a great deal of joy watching it ... And seeing the pure joy they had in these days of adventure ...  Snow business trip

Enjoy the Journey ... Today !!!!


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